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My Fellow Residents of Wallington:

As a member of the Wallington Board of Recreation, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit this
website. My colleagues and I on the Board meet on the first Tuesday evening of each month to discuss
ways in which we can encourage people to engage in healthy activities. We are intent, then, on
sponsoring and supporting programs that stimulate the development of a sound body and a sound mind.
Indeed, the programs that are sponsored and supported by the Board are designed to benefit the entire
community. This means that there are programs for everyone: for kids, for adults, and for senior citizens.
Not only does the Board sponsor and support recreational programs for everyone within Wallington, but it
is also able to subsidize the fees for programs that are operated by outside organizations such as the
YMCA or HackensackUMC Fitness and Wellness Center. Again, the Board wishes to enhance the well-
being of as many Wallingtonians as possible. Simply put, my colleagues and I are here to serve our
community. Please take advantage of all that we have to offer you….

Dennis Graham
President of the Wallington Board of Recreation

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